"Reality Check" lyrics


"Reality Check"

I need to get my thoughts straight,
I'm living a life led by fiction.
The thin line between dreams
has been slowly blurring out.

I might be losing my sense of direction
to a compass pointing south.
Loneliness grows as the rays of light dim
and welcome the endless night
just to wake up and do it all over again.

This vicious cycle is taking it's toll on me.
As I seek for direction,
I see the path that you chose
as I slowly walk away.

I take a look at your life, and I realize
I never wanna be like you...

I've been here many times before,
the lights point to the exit but I can't let this go.
Try to forget the memories and worries that molded my life.

I'm a result of questioning where we stand (and what we want).
Please take this from me now cause I won't let it slip away...

Even if this ends up killing me I have no where else to go.

Thanks to xcrucialkidx for these lyrics

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