"That's Not The Goose" lyrics


"That's Not The Goose"

You didn't see this coming
The heat so intoxicating
Standing there as your empire burns
Standing proud and picturesque
You rose from the grave into a life of hate
So be afraid my friend the butcher will await
What's left of you now removed, are you horrified?
I'm digging graves for you in my sleep
And there's enough room for this town
A shallow burial is quite fitting
When you consider the depth of deception
I'm digging graves for you in my sleep
And you can even try to run
Digging graves for you in my sleep
But you know you're going into the ground
You will feel the blood boiling from within
Stop living life like a tragedy, accept your success
What’s on the surface ain't shit, if inside your dead
Suck it up swallow your hatred, spit out your failures
No regrets in this bitch, one life to live!
Stop living life like a tragedy.

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