"That Scag And His Floozie, They're Gonna Die" lyrics


"That Scag And His Floozie, They're Gonna Die"

I feel the sadness this year more than ever before
Thank you for ruining everything that ever meant something to me
This is how I've always wanted to live
As the air will rip straight though me
You're staring back without a heart
Your vision now means nothing
I wanted to see the world, see the sights hear the sounds
This is how I've always wanted it
From the beginning til the end
It's a shame we die alone
Don't tell me another lie to keep me awake at night
Please give me one more reason to cast you aside
No forgiveness for the lies
Fuck All Your Goodbyes
As much as we cross our fingers
Pray to the gods and wish for a dream
Some things we wish for will never come true
I don't have any hope anymore
Something has come along the way, killed me and took my place
Everything will happen for a reason
Cause tonight, I Sleep, I sleep in fucking hell
I will drag you to the depths
Arms bent behind my back, hand cuffs attached
Sometimes these feelings of lust
Can only turn to hate
In the end we all die
With nothing

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