"She's Not What She Seems" lyrics


"She's Not What She Seems"

I keep to myself because I feel no longer safe
When I thought I had found everything I will ever need
I'll close my eyes and make a wish
My life has come apart at the seams.
Now plagued but never replaced
For all the hours
For all the days
For that whole fucking year
Get fucked
Get fucked
Your life is dead to me
I have all that I need
I'll spend the night alone cause you are dead to me
After everything you put me through I'm glad to be without you
You're the worst person on this earth another knife to the back can’t hurt anymore
For all the lies your told, the hours that I waited alone
All the times that I stayed up late. The whole year was nothing more than a waste
When I'm done with writing you off
When I'm done with cutting you down
I'll be sure to let you know

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