"Send A Meat Truck" lyrics


"Send A Meat Truck"

Send a meat truck
We're still breathing
Some days I wake up and hope
The world is a better place
Same old story yet a different day again and again
I'll tear out your eyes and take them away with me
Just so that you can see the world
The world that I've got to see
Now sink with me
When you look around trying to realise how
How you got to this miserable place
All your friends are gone family dead
Life passed you by
Feeling alone inside
Everything is dead
Everything you ever loved has slipped away
Some things can never last forever
This is where it ends
Everything is dead
Everything is fucking dead
Everything is dead
I'll make sure they leave your heart til last
Now sink with me
We're still breathing
I wrote the book on how to ruin everything
I tore your flesh away from bone

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