"Pump Up The Jam" lyrics


"Pump Up The Jam"

There's something that I wanted to say for so long
I try and speak but the words don't come to me at this very second
there's no way of understanding where I'm coming from
just another mistake on this rollercoaster life
Hoping to hide in a place without sunlight
on the way I hope to find answers of what I want from life
You cannot put the color of money in front of pride
Just another mistake in this rollercoaster life

Lost, so Lost,
Hopefully I remember the way back to where I came from
Hope, all I have is hope
Retracing footsteps away from my darkest days
In just a few words, fuck you and goodbye!
I stumble off into the night

No point, sticking around
This will never be the same again
Just another mistake
When everything is unbearable
A sombre mood surrounds
I ride this train alone
Alone into the night

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