"Must've Cut His Heart Out" lyrics


"Must've Cut His Heart Out"

You better make this fucking hurt
Step back and take your aim
Is this the right step to take?
Cause if you show any doubt this will be the end of you
I'll show no fear, as I come back for revenge
I'll come to kill you and let the dogs eat your family alive
Locked and loaded
Fear causes you to cry
On the count of three my brains explode on your face
Locked and loaded
I smell fear in the air
My ghost will come to kill you, just to prove
Just to prove a point.
My revenge will begin tonight
I'll show no mercy for your friends and family
I'll come for them first
Just so I can hurt you more
We're drowning in the ocean
Breathing in the water
We're drowning in the ocean overnight
Turn down the lights
So I can come alive
Turn down the lights
Let me live
Let me live again
Where have all your idols gone
Dead and drifting out to sea
Where have all your idols gone
Dead just like you and me

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