"Ice Ice Baby" lyrics


"Ice Ice Baby"

The storm above won't affect the city still sleeping,
The lights are on, but there's no one home;
Is there anyone left?

Tuck me into bed tonight and let the poison settle inside
I sleep in shame; it's another dark and lonely day
Pushed to the edge time and time again
In this world we live, we lost all control
Lost all hope

As the city shines so fucking bright,
There's no life in these streets tonight
Still running, no place to go
This winter chill will break my bones

Send me to sleep on this bed of nails,
Force me to shut my eyes
Standing close enough to watch my skin turn pale
Send me to sleep so alone
Cut my ties and kill all hope

No signs of life left in this burning world
Tuck me into bed tonight and let me relive
Another miserable moment
Rise and fall, live and learn
Rise and fall, live and die

The world's weight will slowly come to sink us
Rise and fall

Open the gates and watch this city go up in flames
No heart or soul
Some people hope for a burning world

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