"Cundalini Wants His Hand Back!" lyrics


"Cundalini Wants His Hand Back!"

Burnt your lungs for all you're worth
The sickest smell will surround
Skin burnt beyond belief
You’re burnt from the inside out
I hope you enjoyed your time, I hope you had fun
I hope you know times will get tough and you'll be lonely sometimes.
You've never looked me in the eyes
You never have to, you never have to
See the eyes of your enemies
Cause you know they resemble me
So take some pictures and if all
Your friends even exist at all
Say goodbye to them as you're burning.
I hope you are happy on your own.
If I had your life
I'd fucking hate it to
Say goodbye to them as you’re burning
For now, all your signs of life are bright
But tomorrow could be a different story
There's only so long you can live
Before everything that's inside will give up the ongoing fight
It hurts to breathe sometimes
Your insides are burning
From the inside out

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