"Confused/Hopeless" lyrics



This world that we live in is a lonely place to hide
This is just the beginning of a story that i'm here to tell you
I'll hang this cross upside down around my neck
Forget about what you believe in, forget about everything you stand for

All the lies confused minds fucking blind - seeking shelter under a sun,
Seeking shelter in a world of lies, under a sun that never sets

Time will tell
If it is my time
I will lie down, and burn under this sun
If it is my time
I will burn so bright

I'm still pissing blood
I'll give you one reason why i cannot stand the sight of you
Sinking always sinking
I clearly stole this line from a friend of mine
You're praying to no one, because no one fucking cares

Set me free
Let me sun bake in hell

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