"Anarchy Road" lyrics


"Anarchy Road"

The storm sets in
It's another lonely night
I walk the streets determined
No one can stop me now
I never been so alert, I can even see through walls
The lonely night ahead has never been so cold
Pull my teeth straight from my jaw; it’s the pain I'm longing for
The life that I live is something that I should never let go
I've lived in fear for far too long
I've found everything that I need, inside of me
I'll show no mercy, to anyone who dare cross me
The storm pass me by as I sleep
Passed out in pure disgust
I feel my bones aching, body shaking
As I sleep on a bed of nails
I'm still waiting, Always fucking waiting
In the freezing cold
Dead of night
I built myself to last
Through the storm
The life that I live
Is a road of uncertainty
I could wake up tomorrow with nothing, and still be happy
This is our lives this is reality and it fucking hurts
The moral to the story is right now
Thanks for being a cunt

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