"Guilt Free" lyrics


"Guilt Free"

There's something inside, that they can't get to, that they can't touch, it's yours. What are you talking about? Hope.'

I will scream, until my lungs, collapse from, the pressure. It's building up inside, it's not like it's happened before. It's building up inside, it's not like this happened before. And it's hard to remember this, it still makes me sick. As the days grow longer, and time pulls us apart. And as I fade away, have I done enough, for those I love to be proud of me? For my friends and for my family, and I'll be with you, forever and always. So let me go. Nothing stays the same, your gold will wither into grey. Not everything we love, grows with age. Your roses will blossom and fade away. Take me away, take me, so I can live guilt free. And I'll hold onto these memories, and every last thing you ever said to me. And I promise to remember you for who you are, and not who you wanted to be. But I'm so close to giving up, let me sink, I've had enough, of all the things I love so much, I'm drowning, you let me. And I'm scared of my regrets, I'm terrified there will be nothing left. Just the thought, it leaves my heart racing in my chest. My heart's racing in my chest. But I'll be with you, forever and always. Everything will change, the place where your possessions used to lay, the comfort of your words that you used to say, your face before your beauty decays, the safety arms where I used to stay, nothing stays the same. Your gold will wither into grey, your roses will blossom and fade away. Not everything we love grows with age, that's why we remember, and never forget, the way things used to be.

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