"Rough Redemption" lyrics


"Rough Redemption"

Can you hear the call blowing out doors
style communicates the elements of war
battle to establish the undivided self
truth universal is the only real wealth
These are the days and these are the nights
yours is the rhythm and the hard light
breathe underwater float above the ground
Direct hit rhythm section how's the set sound?

It's a rough redemption
there is no exemption we will move it all night

Pulse madness warriors mountain top rebels
last wave rockers live at soul level
hard rhythm move no we nah run
we just walk along in a rough redemption
Dismiss the bullshit and let the energy flow
Put some roots down turn out the damn show
blast from the center making footsteps
make a crowd panic like a fucking bomb threat


Just kicking back fucking around with the girls
I don't smoke weed not trying to save the world
I ain't got too little I ain't got too much
transmission rise and fall, life come rough
people come together demonstrate the sound
this is unity music, so lay your burden down
test your ambition, but don't try to test my skill
I'm thinking about all the people I battled and suckers I verbally killed


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