"Your Life" lyrics


"Your Life"

We are tried and true and we do what we do
because we know of a better way for the world today.
We're raised to conform to societies way-
that the "proper" way of living is what keeps us free,
but we know in our hearts that the truth sets us free,
so we're calling out the liars, bigots & hypocrisies.
We'll always stand together like a family that has grown,
to you, we might be scum; to us, this our home.

This is your life, we have to keep the scene alive!

We'll sing through our lungs and straight from our hearts
because everything we stand for means so much to us.
We'll fight to the death for everything we've worked
and no one can erase the history that we've built.
You'll never pull us down; we're stronger than you know.
What once was a scene is now a culture.
If you wanna fuck with us, there is something you should know:
there is no "eye for an eye"-this paybacks tenfold.

Thanks to Ryan Unpatriotic for these lyrics

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