"Face The Crowd" lyrics


"Face The Crowd"

We all scream because what's been done can't be reversed.
Society looks past the pain. Lives were lost-
it's the ultimate cost for greed and power,
but what's left is a nation with enemies-and for what?
All we see is less fathers for kids.

Erase this country under your lies.
Now I think it's time to expose you.
You know what you have done-
stand up and face the crowd.

We don't look back because all we will see is death, dishonor and pain
and my time could come at the hand of foreign enemies.
We won't win-all you'll do is screw our futures for us,
but you can't stop because what's been started
must be finished in order for us to live.

Thanks to Ryan Unpatriotic for these lyrics

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