"D.T.T.R." lyrics



Out free on a rape crime, but in your defense,
a law protects you because you're always depressed.
"Well what about the victim?"
"She can't complain we put the man on drugs and required therapy."

Obey, don't try to resist!
These are the laws you don't know exist.
This is what your country calls justice.

They can't prove you did it and you can't prove you didn't
so your tossed into prison on speculation.
Twenty years from now, your innocence is found out.
"We're sorry sir, you're free to go."

They ruined your life. So now whats left?
Your family is grown and your parents are dead.
This is not what I call justice.
This is not the way we have to live.
The cretins all go free and your're prisoned.

Thanks to Ryan Unpatriotic for these lyrics

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