"Drink And Destroy" lyrics


"Drink And Destroy"

Strap on your boots, it's time to hit the street.
42 and chestnut is where the punks are gonna meet;
so grab your liquor, grab your beer, it's time to see a show.
Everybody knows there's no place they'd rather go.

There are spray painted walls and broken bottles everywhere.
No one ever cleans up, because no one really cares
Head down to the basement where the kids are going nuts.
They're bashing all around and puking out their guts.

If someone comes up and tries to push us around,
you know we are gonna beat them down

Shouting OI OI OI as we wreck apart the place
Shouting OI OI OI as we're picking up the pace
Fist and bottles everywhere, lets tear apart this place
We'll let the neighbors bitch because we're never gonna quit

The landlord never comes around, we swear he must be dead
And the water pipes are broken, so lets tear em out instead.
The cops have never crossed our doors and they don't know our names,
because every time we run this, we beat them at their game

This is all we ever do
This is all there is to know
This is our culture and way of life

Drink and Destroy!

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