"Simon Peter" lyrics


"Simon Peter"

What happened to the days when I felt so strong
My heart sways with the wind but you never bend
My God unchanging

Why is it so difficult to understand?
Your grace should be plain to me
What I do, what I say, never can save me
You've given me everything
When I bring nothing in return
I can't seem to get this right
Recrucified a thousand times
Why does you love always remain when I continue to fail you.

My resolve will never falter
When my strength comes only from you
I won't run away any longer
As I stand in the midst of truth
And I will wage war against myself until the day I die
I will never be branded a traitor, YEAH
Until the day I die
If I'm not for you I'm against you, OH MY GOD
Please tell me I'll never betray you
This is where my complacency ends
Tell me I can make a difference
Show me, you are who you say you are

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