"Orphan" lyrics



Featuring Daniel McWhorter of Gideon

It seems to me I'm my father's son
But you've promised me I'm made for so much more
But it seems inevitable
That I will be
caught up in mediocrity

Can you save me?
Or do I own a pharaoh's heart?
Have I turned away, from the maker of the stars?

The King who said to me, "You'll do great things"
But the world around me, sings a different song
And it says worthless, you are worthless
Just a boy masquerading as a man.
You think you can make a difference?
But arrogance is bliss, so convince yourself
You're worth His love

There has to be more to this
I hear the demons whisper my name
I feel their hands around my throat
The sweet lure of every vice
My broken heart has ever known

But you've promised these shadows won't last forever
Pierce through my darkness
Wake my sleeping heart
This is me, knocking at the door
Will you open it, like you have promised?
You promised, you promised me this

You are worthless

You are worth more
I died to call you my son
The heir to my kingdom,
I breathed this breath into your lungs
I formed your body from the mud
And I left my body to the world
My murderers, my sons and daughters

To be beaten for your bitterness
Your hatred was my anguish
But I don't care
I have made a way, I have conquered death
On that cross, I was broken for love

My grace is enough, my grace is enough
To erase everything, that has kept you from me.
My son, you are worthy

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