"In My Heart, In My Head" lyrics


"In My Heart, In My Head"

Go away, get out of my head
My body and mind, don't belong to you
I live for something greater than your temporary gratification

These bones grow weary, from this endless night, and how I long for morning
I will fight for you with every drop of blood that courses through my veins, and drains from my body

This doubt is eating me alive and I'd do anything for relief
From this fire, a taste of water on my lips
Make your way down from the crowd
And lets toast to my worthlessness
Toast to the skeletons I tried so hard to hid

As long as I know I'm breathing
Please don't let me throw everything away
I've hurt the ones that I love
And I know that I have failed myself, I failed myself
My pride, my weakness, will never get the best of me
I stay strong, until every drop of blood is drained.

My bones ache from the weight of this impatient heart
And I've grown so far apart
I just can't love it anymore
How foolish how selfish of me
This world has nothing for me
So many eyes unopened there's still work to be done

We will no longer allow doubt to strangle the seeds we've planted in the hearts of those we love
No more indecision, no more silence, I am free
Anchor your hope in my promises
This will pass, you will see the light again

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