"Foul Is Fair" lyrics


"Foul Is Fair"

This is worth fighting for
Don't take your eyes off me, I am the guide
This is who you are, this is who you are
You make the same mistakes, is this that hard?
It's right in front of you, don't make this so hard

How much simpler can this be?
You'll regret your disregard, I'm reaching down now, reaching down

Come save me, make me whole again
I'm reaching out, come cleanse me of my sin
Maybe I should grow up now, do you think I should start listening?
So undeserving of this unfailing love

You see the face of the one who died
The one gave his life to make us kings
My rock, my redeemer, I will never be shaken

Why do you always make the same mistakes? It's right in front of you
You're blinded by your sin
We are the cure for what's destroying you from deep within your heart:
Terminal, cancerous hate
This is your last chance to turn around
Blessings or curses?

Why do I focus on things that will die tomorrow?
- Take my hand I'll show you a love that will last forever
I'm scared to fail you Lord
- My child, nothing can take you from my hands
So this is love that will last forever.

Come save me, come save me
Empty hands held high to you alone who satisfies
Come save me, this is a love that will last forever.

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