"What's It Gonna Take?" lyrics


"What's It Gonna Take?"

As the modern world divides to war
And its leaders fight to settle scores
The war machine turns green in profit form
In its wake new fear is born
And peace is scorn by the hands of man who justify
Another death for their cause will no one question why
Why these solutions never work!

What's it gonna take... to break
The idea that we're free
To wage our wars
On the grounds we found an enemy
Break down these walls
Rise up refuse... we
Raise our voice raise our fists... to smash
To crush the cogs of the modern war
Will no one question
The intention of an endless war
Before you act learn the facts
Don't just settle for
The idea of freedom (freedom?)
Purchased on a battle field (freedom?)
Tell me what's it gonna take... what's it gonna take?

3,000 dead the headlines read
So shattered shocked I hung my head
As I sat my heart sunk lower as I watched
And the sky came falling
These clouds of soot were not silver lined
But lined with hate the kind of hate that's blind
So blind we returned the favor quick!


Something's gonna break... something (something's gonna break)
What's it gonna take... what's it (gonna take)
To break assassinate rise up and suffocate
The lies that they create to justify their endless wars

The time has come to stand up straight
2002 it's not to late
Rise up resist refuse to go to war
What the fuck are we dying for?
To rid the world of an enemy we cannot see...
To die for Oil corporate interest power profit greed?
What will it take... when will we learn?

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