"The Pace" lyrics


"The Pace"

No I don't give a shit I'm just sick and fucking fed up
Always falling on my face trying hard to keep my head up
Cause this life has got me running, repetitions got me pinned
I've gotta break this cycle. Where the fuck do I begin?


Oh no... what has gotten into me
Oh yeah... could it be the monotony
Of life... and all of the anxiety?
Alright... I don't ever wanna be

Dead to the world but sometimes I feel so lost and alone
Its so hard to let go. What can I say "Well I'm okay!"
I'm not so... Sometimes I Just don't know.
And I don't wanna grow old and burn out
And I don't wanna lose hope and find out
What can you do when your dreams turn to your doubts?
Sometimes I just don't Know [2x]

... how to but I won't pretend I'm not another brick in the wall
Another fish in the pot. Another cog in the system
Repetition and routine. I've gotta break this cycle, it's killing all my dreams!


Keep your head up

Hey... Its never over
Hey... Its just beginning to set in, to begin

The clock tick tocks and the days fly by
It's off to the pace and I don't ask why
Why we're born to conform... to consume... just to die?
Born to conform and we don't ask why.


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