"Seal Of Approval" lyrics


"Seal Of Approval"

It seems like our whole life, gets wasted watching others lives
As we sit, watch, and obey, our aspirations fade to gray
Why are we so afraid, to make up our own minds
Each and everyday, KNOW, that this choice is yours

The is choice is yours to make, choose your path

Its in the marketplace on the magazines
Its on your living room on your TV screen
Its the car you drive its the clothes you wear
How much money you have or how you cut your hair
Born into bought, caught up in games
Brainwashed and taught to think the same
It's not what's inside, don't you know
It's the human need for approval

It's just a fix to face another day
Such a stupid game we humans play, wake up and live your life!!

Why does it matter what they say, why does it matter what they think
They're only doing what they're told, in the end we're all the same,
We don't have to play this game

We're taught to color in the lines, express our thoughts
But never question this our decline...
Just consume what they prescribe to you, to face another day
Alone....searching for approval, playing the whore...open your eyes
Realize that this game doesn't count for shit


Thanks to Dave for these lyrics

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