"Realization And Reconciliation" lyrics


"Realization And Reconciliation"

Sometimes I say things that I don't mean
Sometimes the words come out wrong
Sometimes I take things too far
I haven't said I'm sorry in so long

How does one reconcile what they regret?
After all is said and done the parties done the dust sets
In time I know things work out
I'm sorry so sorry I know I let you down
I let you down...

And I never wanna make that mistake again...
True friendship is a bond you never wanna break
But I can t take it back I can only...
Make it up to you!

Oh how many times have I sat here and sworn
I'll stop tearing you down while our friendship I've scorn
With my harsh words of judgment, condescending ways
I'm sorry so sorry how could I make this mistake

So humble so caring yet so demeaning and crass
Friendship with out trust is just a ship sinking fast
I've learned in my life what goes around comes around
I'm sorry I've realized I just never want to let you down
Like I've let you down

[Chorus 2x]

If I had a button I could push (make it up to you)
To take it all away I would (make it up to you)
And I swear I wouldn't make that same mistake...

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