"Never Forget" lyrics


"Never Forget"

I've watched the good times come and go so fast
I remember the first time we met
How it felt ... to share a laugh and not feel alone
Thinking back on those days brings a smile to my face
A warmth in my heart, a pleasant escape
Memories like a puzzle, helping us reconnect
This life's long learned lesson I will never regret

Oh These Days...
These days I will never forget
Never forget... (Ohhh) These days
I will never forget...
These days I will never forget

Scattered torn tattered photographs litter on my bedroom floor
I've read and re-read the letters
We wrote... Ten billion times each one memorized
As the days fade and pass as the months turn to years
As we grow our own ways... as we laugh and shed tears
As we struggle, rejoice, make mistakes, come correct
Each life's long learned lesson we should never regret


Take your time...Never forget
Where you come from...never regret [2x]
These days, these days I will never forget


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