"It Kills To Know..." lyrics


"It Kills To Know..."

So you think you are the only one who feels like you do
The only one that's been getting screwed
The only one who knows how it feels
To be so hurt, no one could feel like you

Just take one step back and open up your eyes
There's so many of us out here with the same problems in our lives
We're all searching for direction, how and which way to go
The answer to life's riddle, is what it kills to know

Life's not fair, nothing's fair
You said you listened but did you hear
The fine print reads, there's no guarantee
This life is what you make, but nothing comes for free...
There is a price

Have you ever stopped and listened to yourself
As you piss and moan from your self-pitied shell
There's a reason life has it's twists and turns
Keep your head up kid, there's so much left to learn...you're not alone

Just for one fucking moment stop and think about this life
How unfortunate it is that many never think twice
When they walk past someone homeless turn their head and walk away
Then go on with their lives....Oh Whoa is me!

[Chorus 2x]

Thanks to Dave for these lyrics

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