"In Hope" lyrics


"In Hope"

I woke up again today
To a world so broke and full of hate
Tried to pretend that it's ok
But it cut so deep there was no escaping
This world is so fucked
So cruel and so corrupt
But I know you know that you can't give up
No you can lose hope so...

We push and shove [2x]
To rise above [2x]
And this fight we fight
For the better day
A brand new day
We stand together
In Hope!

This life can be so short
And this world can cut us deep inside
But what we choose to emphasize
Will be our lose or help us realize
That it doesn't have to be this way
No it doesn't have to be this way
Conscious our choice
In Hope we raise our voice yeah....


Hope... We long for understanding
The truth... Is simply all were asking
Why... Why must we live in sorrow?
So... We live in defiance and hope [2x]
We stand together in hope!!!


And we will rise, rise up! [3x]

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