"With The Boys (On Tour)" lyrics


"With The Boys (On Tour)"

we cause anarchy wherever we go
cos our road manager's got b. o .
with the boys on tour
from scotland down to cornwall
we done the lot we took them all
with the boys on tour

naughty things in the dressing room
69 with guitars in tune
we're all thugs, let it pass
toothpaste coming up your arse

penfold golf ball on his cheek
big fat toad the ugly freak
with the boys on tour
crusty pants in the changing room
out the coaches it was a mass moon
with the boys on tour

batteries and blow jobs here
three's up mother brown appear
wolfie was caught having
a laugh and prank
and we got rid of luggsy and crank
we got rid of his soapy neck

mick got sussed with some old dog
wonder what he was doing in the bog
with the boys on tour
vince had battles on his face
cos he's acne is a big disgrace
with the boys on tour

sitting with my pint of draught
we all had such a laugh
glen dixon, barry bowers i'm not smelly
stevens bettis had a plate of jelly

with the boys on tour

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