"We Are The Firm" lyrics


"We Are The Firm"

Backstreet boys are here to stay

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Nothing will get in our way

Oh yeah oh yeah

We are the firm and they all know
When we come they don't want to know
We are the ones to still win the day

Running, rowing that's our way
Oh yeah, oh yeah
We're all like it everyday
Oh yeah, oh yeah

We don't worry about it
We don't care we're used to it
Don't give us no verbal on our way
On our way

We are the firm, we are the firm
We are the firm, we are the firm

People try to shut us up
Oh yeah, oh yeah
We don't care we ain't no pups
Oh yeah, oh yeah
You all wanna put us down
Cos we'd row you to the ground
Don't give us no verbal for today

Three's up mother brown
Three's up mother brown
Under the table you must go
E- aye e-aye e-aye- o

If I catch you bending
I'll shove one up your hole
Knees up knees up
Gotta have a three's up
Three'up mother brown

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