"The Greatest Story Ever Told" lyrics


"The Greatest Story Ever Told"

On the coldest winter nights
When we froze by neon lights
It was then we said
We'll go on forever
And we didn't believe in lies
You could see it in our eyes
The scene was set
For things that should get better

From the days when it was tight
When we worked all days and nights
A glimmer of hope
Shone like a shooting star
From the hassle with The Pigs
To us never getting gigs
One man stood up
Said we'll go far

They tried to say that we were wrong
They tried to stop us moving on

From the days of boots and fists
When we hardly ever missed
It was fun
But time grows old for ever
We knew that we were great
Though it was never on a plate
The only ones to swap bleached
Jeans for leather

They tried to stop us moving on
They tried to stop our battle song

From the shadow of brick lane
And the teeming of the rain
We vowed that we would split up never
So it's us against the world
Our pride will be upheld
And they know no one does it better

They tried to stop us moving on
They tried to stop our battle song

And they feared us for what we were
And the trouble they did stir
They tried to end us once and forever
No matter how they tried
Or how many tears we cried
We always stood and faced it all together

And we'll just carry on
Keep the whole world waiting on
Cuz this is the greatest story ever told

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