"On The Waterfront" lyrics


"On The Waterfront"

alright, i know it's sad soppy music
but i ain't taking the piss
just wanna say the truth
cos that's how this song is
cos there's too many people
thinking they're just like us
and if you wanna know the truth
they're full of puss

hey little rich boy what do you wanna do
wanna be a rebel in your
new bondage suit
got a license to scream anarchy
it's all over now

your daddy he could buy you
anything you want
but the fact that matters most
is that he can't
he can't buy our way of living
it's all over now

now i know what you wanna be
you're crying inside to be some one like me
the truth hurts more than anything
that is why those words that you sing

now i'm standing on the water front
i wanna know who's the biggest cunt
cos on the waterfronts where
you wanna be
it's all over now

you wanna plat at being rebels
but you know you ain't on that level
and if you could change for just a day
you would't wanna stay that way
you wouldn't want to stay that way

you'd soon run back to what you was
and that can only be because
a little public scoolboy sing
about the waterfront
you don't know what it means
you poor misguided cunt

but it ain't really the place to go
listen to the ones
the ones who really know
yeah i mean the dockers sons
the forgotten ones you know
i know that you wanna be like me
you hate being in your middle class tree
cos on the waterfronts where
you want to be
where you wanna be

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