"In The Underworld" lyrics


"In The Underworld"

here i am alone again
i'm trying to find my way
i think i've looked just everywhere
to find that brand new day

i'm walking down a rainy street
i'm staring straight ahead
blackness there before my eyes
nothing in my head
there's nothing in my head

i found myself in the underworld
i'don't know what the score is
i found myself in the underworld
what can i do can i do

boredom sets in easily

if you've got nothing to do
i can't listen to anyone
least of all is you
you start to fight start to scream
lose your sense of control
is it a real or is it a dream
i, i just don't know
i just don't know

ignorance ain't hard to find
if you know where to look
a lot of mouth from boring prat
and a nose stuck in a book

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