"Hate Of The City" lyrics


"Hate Of The City"

how can you tell if you've
never been hit before
company executives thread you
into the floor
well i ain't taking it
i'don't care what you say
there's an open world out there
i've got to get away

this is, the hate of the city
this is, the hate of the city
i don't want your pity
i'm trapped by the hate of the city

mindless thousands are
wearing three piece suits
while i get done for wearing
steel capped boots
so work work you office jerk
i know you're just like me
the only difference is you don't care
and i just wanna be me

and i'm wondering,if you're alright jack
i just want the chance,
to put you on your back

this is, the hate of the city
this is, your world
this is, the place you live in
this is, the hate of the city

one- now listen to me
two- and listen well
three- i'm not useless
four- because i can't spell
five- you can take us or leave us
six - it's up to you
seven- it's no skin off my back
eight- so bollocks to you

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