"When Something Goes Wrong" lyrics


"When Something Goes Wrong"

She wake up from her sleep,was lying on her bed
Just dreamy and silent,drown herself in her mind
About the boy who broke her heart,about betrayal,love,and lies
Shake her soul and the sadness burning inside
Twelve cans of Guinness,was spent by her overnight
Still fucked up in her mind,and she open one can again
She sat up,her eyes shut,trying to forget not give up
That she must still stay alive and deal with it
All the things will fucking change
And all the dreams,sometimes not so true
When you pray,yes! he can hear
Just live a life,yeah without fear
And the world will smile to you let’s make it true
Lying in the hospital,he looked at his arm
Remembering the last mission,it was a chaotic war zone
Where the bullets flying around,and explosion were heard everywhere
And the ambush had destroy his company
He lost his one arm,when grenade explode at his side
But do not take his life,he pulled back from the front line
He believe that he had second chance,to live a life and his destiny
Until one day death took his life and gone away
We can dive deep sign in to silence,and hear the sound of our heart
We can find some solution,to resolve the problem,yeah resolve the problem
Every day they fucking fight, just because a little things
Like in the dark without a light,and nobody wants to give in
They shout,fucking loud,berate and fuckin hate
Love has evaporated disappear
It’s time to choose the next path,and all will not be easy
No need to blame each other,and searching who’s the liar
Everything must have consequence,the divorce is their choice
All that happened just let it go,can’t going back.

Thanks to abiyoga fazri for these lyrics

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