"The Railway" lyrics


"The Railway"

The sound of thunder wake me from my sleep,and restore me from my dream
I turn my gaze to the outside,I see the glass of window wet by the rain
I take my bottle of whiskey,paint with me this lonely journey
Blowing smoke cigarette bring my thought drift away
I sit in this quiet carriage,time seemed to freeze inside of me
Only the train horn and sound of friction wheels,breaking the silence of the night
I see an old lady on the otherside,she hold a bible in her hand
When she looked at me I can feel,there’s a warmth in her smile
Reminds me of my mother,rearrange all the pieces of memories of my home
This train runs through the night,as if taking me out of my past
Return to the land of my birth,back where I started all over again
And then I drink my whiskey again,till the last drop flow in my blood
Wondering if there’s a devil that hovering,looking for a space in my mind
I grab his tail and slam him to the ground,crack his head with a bottle in my hand
Breaking his wing and crush his bones,it seem so fun
I think it’s time to go back to reality,then I light my cigarette
I move up from my seat down the aisle,in the train to the next carriage
I feel the night wind hit my face,as I passed beside the door
Heavy rain has changed drizzle I stand in there,and look at the dark clouds
They seemed runaway from me
Like the shadows of my past I have let it past,yeah let it past
This train runs through the night,along with thousand longing in my heart
To smell the air, and feel the warmth,when my feet planted on my land
Talk again ‘bout the beauty, of all the old story
Singing again about the wonderful memories of love

Thanks to abiyoga fazri for these lyrics

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