"Shamrockville" lyrics



I remember that day,it was still early morning
Dark clouds seemed to hang in the sky
The rain falling to the earth and the sun was still hidden
When the fog are flowing on the land
The smell of wet soil caressed my nose
Guts of cold wind penetrated my bones
The sound of the waves that slammed,I could hear in the distance
As the eagle that return to the nest
Old Jack was playing Harmonica,play the song called Whiskey in the Jar
Little Shane was dancing in the rain,it was morning in Shamrockville
When the day nearly noon,the rain had gone away
Bill the shepherd looks busy with his sheep
His dog name Rover,run behind him
Barking loudly echoed to my ears
Mrs.Jenny a sweet,walking with her son
She was 40, but I can still feel the charm
Her husband had been lost at sea,when his ship was hit by storm
Never return,just leave the memories
Old Jack still playing Harmonica,now play the song called The Dirty Old Town
Little Shane has return to his home,as the rain had stopped in Shamrockville
Last night drinking at the bar,the best beer that I could get
And I saw her singing and playing guitar
She wearing a white shirt,green scarf around her neck
The Wild Rover is the song played by her
I greeted her and singalong,drinking with her all night long
When I get drunk it’s time to come home
And I said good bye to her,hope someday we meet again
Then she smiled at me and a kiss on my lip

Thanks to abiyoga fazri for these lyrics

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