"Boxing Gloves" lyrics


"Boxing Gloves"

I sat in this room,I felt the warm evening breeze
Blowing through my window,as the dim light of the sun
My eyes looking at old picture that hanging on the wall
Take me back in time 15 years ago
At the time I was young,live a life in the boxing ring
Undergoing many match and I’ve met with a variety of opponents
Hard exercise that I learn,forging my body and my soul
The tight competition will always occurs
Walking up the stairs,to the summit to challenge
The defending champion and become a winner
Finally my time comes,it’s my turn to reach destiny
To challenge the champion,fighting in 12 rounds
But the reality’s different,I was struck down on 11
I’ve been beaten down,my eyes were blur,I can’t stand anymore
Still I could feel on my chin,the last blow has been dropped me
Still I could hear in my ears,ten countdown that shouted at me
I open my dusty box,that has been long time since I save
And I take my old pair of boxing gloves
Then I putting in my hand,i felt like a shadow
From that time comes again,and shaking my heart
Remembering my defeat,and the thing that happened to me
I’ve got a brain injury,that requires me to stop
And the time that I was forced to surrender
Forgetting my dreams,and I should hang my boxing gloves

Thanks to abiyoga fazri for these lyrics

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