"The Executioner" lyrics


"The Executioner"

Don't play with fire man you will get burned
It's not the same as before, but I'm sure you'll soon learn

I don't enjoy a second of this
But they won't let me leave so I cannot resist
Drinking myself sober

He's 18 and he's done his crime
He lied and he stole now I serve his royal fine
As much as I hate to do this
They will break me if I won't do it

But I'm not the same I'm changing
I'm burning ‘cause your playing
In flames not waist deep neck high
We've all got our own time to die but
I hate to be the one to do the dirty work

Don't know what’s worse, knowing you’re gonna die
Or to be the one who unwillingly must take the life of one
Who once breathed and felt things the same as you and me
Now he's gone, and it's just my responsibility

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