"Still Spins" lyrics


"Still Spins"

I did no wrong, that endless fight
All lines shut down, no calls tonight.
That’s one full year, lost out of sight.
Should I go back and make things right?

It’s not the first time but I’m sure it’s the last
We’ve all seen you in your prime
And I’m so tired of walking this beaten path
I’ve got theses songs stuck in my head
I wish that I could just play them again
But once again, I’m holding back just to please you;

Said what I said
And did what I did
You take from me now
What you took from me then ‘cause you know
That I can go on
I’ll keep you in mind
We had our good times
But just tried to hard
And now pay this fine; oh what a debt
But I’ve got to save us

The time is gone
And there’s no one left but us
I’m holding strong
You’ve been so lonely all along
The bowl is long cleared, but my head still spins
You burned me out much more
Than any bud that I have toked before

Stepped on, pushed off the plate
I’m no home runner in this state

The bowl’s long cleared
My head still spins
The bowl’s long cleared
Here comes that feeling again

You said what I said
And did what I did
And that I was gone
But I’m here again
Were we right before
Was there anything you meant
’Cause I’ll forgive
But never forget
I won’t forget

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