"It's Not The Last Time" lyrics


"It's Not The Last Time"

Performed as Brave New Sound

As I approach the railroad tracks I see footsteps of mine
Headed down the same long line
It's far from the first
It's not the last time

Overcome the overpass
Rush hour below
Weave through invisible
And duck beneath the dim lit window

Whiskey, Genuine Labbatt
We get kicked out and come right back
We get kicked out and come right back

In fifteen minutes, we'd return
The same lesson we will never learn
Straight through the window we will burn

Bruno beats, and blows soundtrack
Second-hand, I'll smoke two packs
It was my little youth hostile
And you know I'm coming back

I enter through a window, a trapdoor
A thousand bodies have the floor
Some here have nowhere left to go
Life in and out of a window

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