"Walking Down Ward" lyrics


"Walking Down Ward"

I'm broke and hungry but I wouldn't say that I'm starving.
I'm down but I'm far from out.
Tomorrow I'll be back with my head in the clouds.
Walking down Ward with my head held high.
Passing by the bums with a nod and a smile.
Living in the heart of this vibrant river town.
I've got nothing left but a shit
Eating smile and one last wish.
I'm in the back seat
Counting all the dogs that I see.
Truck stops and caffeine pills,
I gotta get myself to the California line.
It rained all day so we drank all night.
The cops showed up so we put out the light.
Tuscon Arizona...
I've got nothing left.
I'm fine being left alone.
I had it all and watched it slip,
Pick up broken pieces walking down the road.
I've got nothing left.
This is all I've got left.
A shit eating smile and a last wish.

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