"Thirty Days" lyrics


"Thirty Days"

I got a problem that I don't want to face
It's not my problem if I show up today
It's not my job to keep a track or a pace
Always trying to get back to the good old days

I'll be living my life like a runaway
At the bottom of the bottle is where I'll be
Man it really sucks when you think you're on the top
And the world crashes down and belts you in the face

I'm alright, I'm ok...
I haven't had a drink in around thirty days
I'm feeling great, I need therapy

Do you want to stop?
Before it's too late.
You're trying to stop
At least that's what you say
Seems like you're lost
Can't ever find your way
Take a shot, here's your chance
Or are you still afraid of change?

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