"Photographs" lyrics



Photographs in a box
are my one and only chance to see you again
I'm not so sure I'll be removing the lid
My stomach turns, so I drink
and that helps a little bit
but I still smell you on the empty walls
Smell you on my unwashed clothes

It's not enough, to set me straight
to pull me out of this tailspin
Not today

The streets are empty, its colder than last year
The cats sit together all huddled up for warmth
No one sees me walking by
I'm followed around by little black clouds
Relieving themselves on my every move
No one sees me walking by

It's just not enough to set me free
To shield me from your wake of destruction

I thought I needed a change of pace
I found an emptiness within this place
Oh won't you take me back?
I cross my heart and hope to die
Nothing seems to ever work out right
If I had the chance I wouldn't take you back
Not today

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