"Legalized Romance" lyrics


"Legalized Romance"

I've walked away from more and stuck it out for less.
Tried to fill the hole that you left rotting in my fucking chest.
Slumming around in the darkest of dive bars.
I never thought going down in flames would ever feel so great.
Everyday I lose just a little more faith and it's only getting better.
You'd be better off, so much better off with out me.
You'd be better off on your own.
I'll be kicking rocks down lonely roads.
We built our love on plots of trust.
My eyes are dilated and red enough to make some sense.
Strike a match and watch it burn.
I medicate to pass the time and then again to sleep at night.
I heard a voice in the back of my mind,
reminding me for the thousandth time,
I will only leave you waiting on me

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