"Balloons & Bouquets" lyrics


"Balloons & Bouquets"

Stop looking back to days and all those friends that just wont change.
You'll be better off without them anyways.
Kid don't be afraid to stand up straight and breathe,
feels so great and oh so free.
Vision becoming clear and real as I take in this clean air.
I'm standing on the outside.
I'm on the edge. I'm all alone.
I'm not afraid to fall this time.
So don't even ask if this is the way that you should be moving right now!
You've spent so much time in hell, aren't you tired of coming down?
Don't you want to get out and see the lights instead of these empty starless night?
I just want to break free and for the first time... feel alive!
You're all I think about these days.
These sleepless nights and endless days

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