"Brooklyn" lyrics



My baby's in Brooklyn on the East Coast
Out on the road, what he loves the most
And tonight, I lay down alone
Wait for my baby to come back home
In the life we lead, we love, we bleed alone
And I tell myself I have to be strong
Cause we live, we die, we fail, we try, on the road

I'm in NoHo on the Westside,
I work days and bleed nights
And I look to you by my side
One of these days the timing's gonna be right
I'm gonna keep my word and be your wife
There's gotta be something that brings me home
Cause we live, we fail, we try, on the road,

Yeah, you got it...
Don't ever let someone
Get in the way of what you love
Stay true (Brooklyn)
Stay true (Japan)
Stay true (Berlin)
I'm gonna stay true, gonna stay gold

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