"Alibis" lyrics



Open your eyes and see,
I bleed in apathy
I've got nothing to give,
So don't you take from me
I was wronged,
but you knew it all along [x2]
It makes me sick to death
To think of you in her bed
It makes me sick to death,
Gonna put a bullet in her head

Breaking hearts and tellings lies [x3]
Do a line, a line of alibis

Open your eyes and see
That she meant more to me
And by crossing that line,
baby you broke me
I was wronged,
But you knew it along [x2]
It makes me sick to death
When I think of how you've done me
Yeah I hope she was good babe,
Hope she was worth me

Some things never change
We were apart
But you're still to blame
I can live without it...I want your blood

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