"We Will Live Forever" lyrics


"We Will Live Forever"

Back to the city from green grass
I swear I've never moved so fast
Cause I know what's been waiting on me
A whole life I left behind
It's beautiful out here but I've been dying
To see a familiar windowpane
And finally get inside

And I know what I'm good for and I'm not good for much
But as long as you're still listening, I swear I'll never stop
And please, please, gravity... don't weigh me down so heavily
Cause I know I can soar freely, given the chance to find just what I need

We can't afford to be brilliant
With our hands outstretched, we are mere men
Chasing the tallest building
We can't accept that we can't get in

But I said "fuck it, lets try something different"
I'll take this however as needed
And if it gets past your headphones from my lungs...
I'll consider my work done

Hey, if this wasn't worth the wait
then I will sing for the last time in my life
But when I see you next to me
Then I'm convinced, this is the best part of my life

I saw the skyline speak so softly to me
He said "tonight we're so alive but this is only the beginning"
And we took the sounds of the stage with us, ran as far as we could
And tonight were singing, and tonight were...

I promise that we will live forever
I promise that we will.

Thanks to Bon Jovi for these lyrics

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