"Coastlines" lyrics



We crossed paths and exchanged breaths
It was a temporary conversation, but we made it last
But say we spoke longer...
I've been sleeping in this entire summer
And wide awake with the words to say it's time I set them free

You are the one I'm waiting for
And I'll be there till my body says no more

I wanna go as far as I can walk
Let the coast take me in open arms
And maybe I wont have to go that far
I wanna be embraced just like the sun
When all the clouds are gone
Cause I'll be leaving soon
No more New York for me, just a broken bitter moon

Could you resign to come down and waste your time
and spend money on me baby, I'll show you all this city
Cause I've tasted upstate air, and I've never wasted my lungs more
The stateside's just not fair, it leaves me cold and longing for Manhattan's stare

And I'll be waiting...

When these dreams of memories we have
Are so much greater than us
I will still believe
When these dreams of memories we have
Are so much bigger than us
I will still believe.

Thanks to Bon Jovi for these lyrics

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